The pioneer spirit of ETIC, based upon in the "know how to do it by doing it" has led to the opening of this school in the south region of the country, in the city of Portimão, intending thereby to respond to the constant search for candidates from the country's southern Algarve, that has long deserved some investment in teachings within the creative industries. 


After 4 years of a rewarding experience in "barlavento" city, the requests from the trainee community led to ETIC_Algarve - School of Innovation Technologies and Algarve Creation changed geographically, to a more central area - in the Municipal Market of Faro city - responding more effectively to our audience in terms of space, accessibility and proximity.


Winning amplitude of spaces and expandability, the characteristics of the physical space - facilities with approximately 600m2 - the new school headquarters features a photo studio, video studio, a control room, an editing room, three rooms computers with 16 jobs each, a theoretical room, lounge area, library space and a resource center.


The ETIC thus reinforces its position in the south of Portugal as the bet of excellence in training dedicated to the creative industry, an approach of bringing the trainees to the real labor market, covering the areas of Communication, Design, Photography, Sound & Music, Video and Interactive Media.


Because a school is naturally a dynamic and incomplete project, the ETIC bases its practice on continuous improvement methodology.

More than the full satisfaction of the trainees, the ETIC is founded on the ambition to realize their dreams and support their future.

To that extent, the School integrates naturally and intrinsically a Quality ideal which is defined as "the state that motivates a systematic search of Excellence" at the service of the trainee.



ETIC_Algarve is certified by DGERT - Direção Geral do Emprego e das Relações de Trabalho.

This certification is reflected in the existence of a proper organization structure adequated to the training activities, in the practice of adequate means of developing training, demonstrating skills in planning, design and development of training, supported by the plan of activities and processes described in the manual quality.

Entidade Formadora Certificada DGERT