ERASMUS+ is a new European Commission program in the field of Education, Training, Youth and Sport (2014-2020), which entered into force on 1 January 2014.

This program joins on a single Support Framework the areas of education, training, youth and sport and other international programs, including Jean Monnet and ERASMUS Mundus.

The ERASMUS + program is intended to support education, training, youth and sport in all sectors of lifelong learning, including higher education, vocational training, adult education, school education, youth activities and training in the field of amateur sport.

With the Erasmus + program it is possible through approved projects, organizations to develop mobility of trainees / students and collaborators.

These mobility projects will allow beneficiaries to travel to another participating country to study, work, teach, train and develop professional skills.

Selected participants are entitled to a scholarship for travel, insurance, accommodation, local transport, food, pocket money and access to an online language course.

The ERASMUS + Program for ETIC_Algarve is increasingly becoming a reference, a symbol of growth and recognition.

Following the pioneering spirit that moves ETIC_Algarve "know how to do it", with the European mobilities, participants have the opportunity to improve their skills, contact with new work methods and acquire new skills (sociocultural) that will allow personal and professional growth, contributing in this way to the strengthening of the region's human resources in the creative industries.


Maria Farragolo "has a new story to tell you", and includes an Erasmus+ experience within the framework of the  ETIC_Algarve IN_Motion project.